Fairline Parkway

The Fairline Parkway is a duo made-up of friends Zach Okun and Raj Gadhia. Together they make some of the quietest and simplest music since the early days of Belle & Sebastian (Gadhia even sounds a lot like B&S front-man Stuart Murdoch, at times). Their self-titled debut album is a charming group of songs that sounds almost too shy and sensitive to make it out of the basement where they recorded it. All sorts of programming and instruments were used to create the different sounds achieved. "Epilepsy" shows their knack for electronics, with a heartbeat playing drum machine, while "In Your Tracks/Robot Dance" works with the multi-layer angle quite nicely. The production of the record feels minimal and cozy, with the acoustics reaching misty levels of sound. The Fairline Parkway is a record that everyone should own for those moments when all you want to do is lay back, smile and relax. (Lazyline)