Eyeball Skeleton #1

They're kids! Well, two kids — eight and ten — and one dad. The greatest thing about kids is they don't think anything is ridiculous yet, positioning them as the ideal candidates for making extremely weird punk rock music that is often ruined by thinking too hard, growing up, university and jobs. This pair of brothers, Charlie and JJ Brown, make excellent songs about their favourite stuff (already on the right track), which is basically Halloween-themed, featuring superb titles such as "Bad Guy Stew" and "Flat Top Vampire." Most of the lyrics are the titles repeated with some great narratives and descriptions in between and grunting for spice. Most surprising about Eyeball Skeleton is how completely listenable and developed the songs are (and how much like the Misfits this is), which basically proves that doing whatever feels like the most fun is an unfailing recipe for good music. "Redfish" combines a simple electronic beat with a catchy guitar riff and forgoes lyrics for an introspective moment before the party returns on the gang vocals of "The Bouncing Apes." Extra extreme punk points go to "I Don't Eat Cereal on the Weekends", the fastest song with no more words that the title offers. What the boys are up to in ten years doesn't matter because this isn't just practice — they're doing it right now and they're doing it right. (My Pal God)