Extended Famm Happy F*ck You Songs

Extended Famm represents the collective talent of four MCs pooling their resources for an entertaining collaborative project EP. Tonedeff, Pack FM, Substantial and Session have been building up reps as punchline-drunk MCs on the freestyle circuit and this project aims to build on this foundation, adding cohesive concepts to the mix. For the most part, this is successful because of the obvious chemistry between the MCs. An irreverent and often self-deprecating sense of humour informs every facet of the record, from the skilfully delivered metaphors to the presence of a deranged helium-voiced character named Squijee, helping the record to sidestep the drudgery that often accompanies posse cuts. It's this very topic the crew deconstructs on the tongue-in-cheek "Obligatory Posse Cut" and their conceptual flair also comes to the fore on the self-explanatory "Celly" and "Velocity." While all the MCs shine, it's Tonedeff's rapid-fire baritone that instantly commands attention. He also provides most of the project's beats and while their cartoonish style matches the conceptual spirit of the rhymes, they don't always compellingly stand alone. But lyrically, this collective is unquestionably tight. The reaching for the rewind button that "The Evil That Pens Do" and "FYIRB(Remix)" prompt proves that despite the loose humour, it's obvious these MCs take their craft very seriously. (QN5)