Explosions in the Sky Detail 'Prince Avalanche' Score

Explosions in the Sky Detail 'Prince Avalanche' Score
It was nearly a year ago that we first heard about Explosions in the Sky's plans to score David Gordon Green's Prince Avalanche film. Now, we've finally got details for the soundtrack's official release.

The soundtrack will be available on August 6 via Temporary Residence and will feature 15 tracks.

The project sees the group reuniting with their Austin, TX compatriot musician David Wingo. Both acts appeared on the soundtrack Green's 2003 film All the Real Girls, but this time around they're working together on the whole soundtrack.

Prince Avalanche stars Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch. It'll hit theatres on August 9. A trailer is available below.

Prince Avalanche OST:

1. Fires
2. Theme From Prince Avalanche
3. Dear Madison
4. Passing Time
5. Rain
6. Alone Time
7. Hello, Is This Your House?
8. Can't We Just Listen To The Silence
9. Wading
10. Dear Alvin
11. The Lines On The Road That Lead You Back Home
12. An Old Peasant Like Me
13. Join Me On My Avalanche
14. The Adventures Of Alvin and Lance
15. Send Off