Exclusive: Vancouver's Weathered Pines Announce Debut Album for Nominal Records Offshoot Dejlig

Exclusive: Vancouver's Weathered Pines Announce Debut Album for Nominal Records Offshoot Dejlig
Though they haven't made much of a mark outside of their humble coffee shop shows, Vancouver quartet Weathered Pines have been slowly building a reputation for their gritty alt-country jams for five years now. The band feature members of Vancouver-based projects like No Kids, Ghost House and Healthy Students, so they've understandably been busy. Fortunately, they've finally found time to ready their debut full-length.

The album is titled The Sky Between the Buildings, and as front-woman Marissa Johnson explains in an interview with Exclaim!, the record was a long time coming.

"We definitely knew what we wanted to do with our recording, but we were open to different ideas of how to get there," she says. "Our plan was to save all of the money the band made and either we'd save up enough money to do it ourselves, or the right label would come along in the meantime."

The perfect label materialized in the form of Dejlig, a sister label to Vancouver's rapidly growing punk imprint Nominal.

"Dejlig, pronounced 'DAI-LEE', means 'lovely' in Danish and actually was created by Sean [Elliott] from Nominal's girlfriend, Brie [Grey-Noble]," Johnson explains. "Brie is a librarian by day and an awesome DJ and lover of music by night. She's really passionate about helping out bands she thinks people should hear. Evidently, she thinks people should hear us enough to start Dejlig... The planets just happened to align for us, but I do believe her plans involve future releases."

Recorded at Vancouver indie haven the Hive by Jesse Gander (Bison B.C., 3 Inches of Blood, the Pack A.D.), the album showcases Johnson's top-notch songwriting and vocal skills without coming across too glossy. "The record is like Donnie & Marie... a little bit country and a little bit rock'n'roll," Johnson explains. "Really, it was important for us to make sure the songs had character and didn't sound overly glossy. We recorded most of it live off the floor, so I think it has the same feel as our live show... when the sound is good and we can hear ourselves."

The Sky Between the Buildings should be out in November. From there, the band will work on some Canadian touring. Then, it's time to start thinking about album number two. "Look for it in January of 2035!" she jokes.