Exclusive: Myelin Sheaths Bring the Sounds of Lethbridge to Your Turntable

Exclusive: Myelin Sheaths Bring the Sounds of Lethbridge to Your Turntable
While both Calgary and Edmonton boast impressive music scenes, there is another section of Alberta bursting with rock'n'roll energy: Lethbridge. Within its population of 75,000 people, the southern Alberta city is stirring up a shit storm of exciting new bands, like the now-defunct Endangered Ape, the Moby Dicks and Fist City. Among them are Myelin Sheaths, a loosely science-themed garage-pop combo.

This weekend, they'll be releasing their first two seven-inches simultaneously. The Stackticon single is being issued by Austrian imprint Bachelor Records, who have previously worked with the Black Lips and the Smith Westerns, among others. Here in North America, the Do the Mental Twist single will drop via Chicago-based tastemakers HoZac.

Drummer Paul Lawton, who moonlights as the Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Lethbridge, and is currently at work on his PhD dissertation, told Exclaim! that this surge of new music is coming from a communal frustration with their city.

"It is both better than people think and, at the same time, way, way worse than you could imagine, and then swings on a pendulum back and forth," Lawton says of living in Lethbridge. "I can be hitting my head against the wall one day, and then completely enamoured with this place the next. Lethbridge is inspiring because we all know it is shitty, and there are enough people trying to make it better that sometimes we can forget."

 Now that the ball is rolling, the Sheaths have a number of plans on the horizon, including a cassette for Ontario-based imprint Scotch Tapes. "We originally had this grandiose idea of doing a four-tape box-set, but now are pulling away from that idea somewhat because we are all kind of lazy, and 40 songs is a lot of songs to write and record," Lawton admits.

Besides the tape, the band are considering a full-length and planning a cross-Canada tour for the summer. Before they do anything else, however, they'll celebrate their seven-inch releases with a pair of Alberta shows joined by hometown heroes Fist City, along with Edmonton's the Famines and the Wicked Awesomes. Look for the quadruple bill at Calgary's Broken City tonight (January 8) and at Lethbridge's Henotic Lounge Saturday (January 9).