Exclusive: Julian Casablancas Talks Christmas Single

Exclusive: Julian Casablancas Talks Christmas Single
For anyone who thought that Julian Casablancas's debut solo album, the eight-track long Phrazes for the Young, was a bit short on content, there's good news: The Strokes lead singer is offering up some add-ons, including the cover of "I Wish It Was Christmas Today."

As previously reported, the song was originally performed on Saturday Night Live by Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan and Chris Kataan.

"I thought there was a good song in there," says Casablancas in an interview with Exclaim! "I just thought that if I ever had to do a Christmas song, that's the one I would do. I just liked the spirit of it. It had like that classic thing to it that a lot of kids feel."

The singer goes on to say the idea to cover the track came about in the studio while discussing B-sides. "That one just came up. So we did it pretty quickly," he says.

Here in North America, the song is officially considered a bonus track, like it is on the deluxe version of Phrazes for the Young now on iTunes, but it's getting a proper release across the pond in the UK. "They have a whole Christmas single culture" he says, giving credence to Bill Nighy's hilariously loopy plot line in Love Actually.

No word yet as to whether "I Wish It Was Christmas Today " will appear among the B-sides that will be included in the "Luxury Edition Deluxe Set" when it's release on December 18.

The standard version of Phrazes for the Young is out now.