Top 20 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2014

Top 20 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2014
As 2013 disappears in the rearview, we're starting to look forward with our last year-end list, just over 2014's horizon, to see what's coming our way from some of Canada's best and brightest.

Whether fully recorded and just around the corner or a well-kept secret, here are 20 albums by Canadian artists coming out this year that we just can't wait to hear.

Top 20 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2014:

20. Mounties
Thrash Rock Legacy
(Light Organ Records)
Release Date: March 4

Canadian indie rock super-trio Mounties (composed of Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays, Limblifter's Ryan Dahle and Hawksley Workman) officially announced a spring release for their hook-laden debut LP, Thrash Rock Legacy. The album was apparently created by editing pieces from a number of free-form jam sessions, so expect this one to be pretty jammy. (Matthew Ritchie)

19. The Pack A.D.
Do Not Engage
(Nettwerk Records)
Release Date: January 28

Garage-y Vancouver duo the Pack A.D. signed with Nettwerk Music Group earlier this spring for their fifth studio album, Do Not Engage, and are apparently already passing the smell test from some of the group's toughest critics. "Let's put it this way, I don't hate this album yet," drummer Maya Miller said, "and I usually hate them fairly quickly." (Matthew Ritchie)

18. King Reign
Title TBA
(Label TBA)
Release Date: TBA

King Reign just released Reign Music Vol. 2, the follow-up to Vol. 1, in 2010, but the main event is coming out in 2014. Though still untitled, this should be the one to finally put the former Sony artist on the map. (Stephen Carlick)

17. Sinoia Caves
Beyond the Black Rainbow OST
(Jagjaguwar/Death Waltz Recording Co.)
Release Date: TBA

Horror soundtrack collectors and analog audiophiles have been waiting patiently for the release of Black Mountain keyboardist Jeremy Schmidt's (a.k.a. Sinoia Caves) synth-based accompaniment to Panos Cosmatos's 2010 Canadian science fiction thriller, Beyond the Black Rainbow. All signs point to a release on Death Waltz sometime in the new year, with Jagjaguwar getting in on the action as well for the North American release. Get ready for some seriously cosmic mind melting. (Matthew Ritchie)

16. Slakah the Beatchild
Soul Movement Vol. 2
(Label TBA)
Release Date: March 28

Soul Movement Vol. 2 was supposed to be out in 2013, but patience is a virtue, right? He's released a few bonus tracks to satiate fans before he starts shipping his album out in March. (Stephen Carlick)

15. Trust
(Arts & Crafts)
Release Date: March 4

Although he's apparently parted ways with co-founder Maya Postepski (of Austra fame), Robert Alfons's shadowy electro-pop act Trust is continuing on, with his new LP, Joyland due out on Arts & Crafts in early March. (Matthew Ritchie)

14. Rural Alberta Advantage
Title TBA
(Paper Bag Records)
Release Date: TBA

There's no news on an album title or release date for this folksy trio's follow-up to 2011's Departing, but apparently fans can catch the group road test new tracks on their upcoming North American mini tour. (Matthew Ritchie)

13. Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything
Release Date: January 21

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra's follow-up to 2010's Kollaps Tradixionales finds the group pared to five and the tracklist to six, but the titles, track lengths and songs themselves remain epic as ever. (Stephen Carlick)

12. Tanika Charles
Title TBA
(Label TBA)
Release Date: TBA

"Alright, so many of you know that I'm in the process of working on my first full length album, right?" Charles recently posted on Facebook about collaborating with Slakah the Beatchild. It's one of many social media teases she's issued, meaning that despite a lack of details, this one is almost certainly primed for 2014 release. (Stephen Carlick)

11. The Hidden Cameras
(Evil Evil/Outside Music)
Release Date: January 21

Canadian chamber pop collective the Hidden Cameras teased their new single, "Gay Goth Scene," over the summer. A few months later, the band shed light on their eighth studio album, Age, detailing the record's tracklisting and album length (most tunes clock in well over the four-minute mark). (Matthew Ritchie)