Exclaim!'s 10 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2011

Exclaim!'s 10 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2011
There's less than a week left in 2010, and we've been spending our time revisiting some of the highlights of the last 12 months (which you can read about in our Year in Review). We've also started marking up our calendars with some of the records we're looking forward to in 2011. Here you can see ten of our most anticipated Canadian albums that will be coming out in the next few months.

For this list, we focused only on albums with confirmed titles and release dates. If you follow the links, you can find more information like tracklists, descriptions and even some interviews.

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10. Mother Mother
Eureka (March 15)
(Last Gang Records)

The quirky Vancouver rockers reportedly "ran the gamut of electronic sounds" for their third LP, which will replace their former folkiness with a synth-heavy rock style. This new sound was hinted at on the 2008 release, O My Heart, with its electrified singles "Body of Years" and "O My Heart." There's no preview from Eureka currently available, but you can imagine the album sounds like while you look at the trippy -- and "wild" -- album art above (and peruse the tracklist). 9. Cowboy Junkies
Demons (February 15)
(Latent Recordings)

The long-running alt-country band will pay tribute to their late friend (and sometimes collaborator) Vic Chesnutt with this ten-song cover album. Of the collection, guitarist Michael Timmins said, "Exploring his songs and delving deeper and deeper into them has been an intense, moving and joyous experience. I don't think Vic would have wanted it any other way." It will be the second in the band's four-part project, The Nomad Series, following 2010's Remnin Park. 8. Hey Rosetta!
Seeds (February 15)
(Sonic Records)

After telling us about their "bigger, kind of orchestral" new recordings, beloved Maritime rockers Hey Rosetta! officially announced this follow-up to 2008's Into Your Lungs (and Around in Your Heart and on Through Your Blood). No samples from the album are currently available, but like Into Your Lungs, it was recorded in Halifax's Sonic Temple, so don't be surprised if it bears some similarities to that much-loved prior LP.
7. The Luyas
Too Beautiful to Work (February 22)
(Dead Oceans)

Having flown under the radar for several years, these Montreal pop experimentalists have teamed up with Dead Oceans for a record that promises to be a "picture-perfect collection of echo-drenched space-age pop songs." You can check out the tracklist and read some more descriptions of the album here. If you're not convinced by descriptions like "retro-futurist sonic bliss" and "cinematic and atmospheric," then be sure to check out the lead single.
6. Ron Sexsmith
Long Player Late Bloomer (March 1)
(Warner Bros. Records)

If you've seen the documentary Love Shines, then you already know that veteran songwriter Ron Sexsmith teamed up with mega-producer Bob Rock for this mouthful of a new album. If you want to hear what it sounds like when the sensitive singer-songwriter joins forces with one of mainstream rock's biggest-name producers, go to Sexsmith's official site to listen to "Love Shines." You can check out an album trailer below.

5. The Dears
Degeneration Street (February 15)
(Pharamone Recordings/Dangerbird Records)

Returning with a revamped lineup for their first LP since 2008's Missiles, the Montreal band's new album is said to "[range] from electrifying pop to full-on primal screams; grinding guitar solos to soulful baroque." The Dears have been unveiling the album in a series of weekly webcasts, which air at LiveStream every Monday. Listen to some tracks from the LP here and here.
4. Young Galaxy
Shapeshifting (February 8)
(Paper Bag Records)

Here's a collaboration we didn't see coming: dramatic indie rockers Young Galaxy recruited Dan Lissvik of the Swedish electro duo Studio to rework the tracks on this LP, which is being called "a thing of cold reverb, hot drums and synth." Considering that Young Galaxy's previous albums were made up of massive anthems and cinematic rock-outs, this chilly style is bound to be a big departure from past works. We've already heard two of the tracks from the album: "Peripheral Visionaries" and "Cover Your Tracks."
3. Braids
Native Speaker (January 18)
(Flemish Eye/Kanine Records)

Having formed in Calgary and relocated to Montreal, hotly tipped experimental rock outfit Braids are looking to solidify their buzz-band status with this debut LP. Sometimes jittery and tribal, sometimes slow-burning and ethereal, Native Speaker will appeal to fans of Feels-era Animal Collective. Get the full release details here and take a listen to the single "Lemonade" here.
2. The Rural Alberta Advantage
Departing (March 1)
(Paper Bag Records/Saddle Creek Records)

Those who enjoyed the 2008 breakout Hometowns are bound to appreciate this companion piece, with its heartbroken stories of love and loss in Alberta. Frontman Nils Edenloff recently spoke with us about what to expect from the album, which is heavy on folksy rockers and purring organs. You can judge for yourself by listening to the pummelling single "Stamp" right here.
1. Destroyer
Kaputt (January 25)
(Merge Records)

The ever-eclectic Dan Bejar is back with his ninth full-length album, and big promises have been made. In recent years, the unpredictable songwriter has made forays into ambient and electronic music, releasing the EPs Bay of Pigs and Archer on the Beach, as well as contributing a spoken word monologue to Loscil's latest LP. But for Kaputt, word is Bejar and co. have now embraced their inner Roxy Music and gone all Avalon on us. And since the thought of Bejar doing Euro coke jams sounds mighty appealing, we're more than a little pumped for Kaputt. Get the full album details here.