Excepter Throne

This Brooklyn-based group of post-modern psychedelic primitives have earned a fair amount of much-deserved buzz for their unique underground sound. Led by master treatment doctor John Fell Ryan, this five-piece feed their sound-clashing journeys (created by synthesisers, guitar, vocals, kalimba and a pile of effects) through a system of reverb units and echo boxes that provide results not unlike those swelling mixes commonly associated with classic dub reggae masters like Lee Perry and King Tubby. Throne, their second official full-length and first for the Providence-based label Load, is even more sonically expansive and minimal than their debut. Moving ever-so-organically through the 20-minute, two-part psych-drone symphony of "Jrone” into an eerie ritualistic vocal-inflected piece, "The Heart Beat,” it then goes onward still into the steam-releasing cool-down of "(The Ass)”. Such slowly unfolding, shape-shifting psychedelia might not be clearly defined or provocative enough for most ears, but for others who can tolerate having to dig deep with listening, this is some of the most groundbreaking and beautiful stuff around. (Load)