Ex-Half Moon Run Member Isaac Symonds Announces Ambient Project with Toronto's Yaehsun

Listen to the title track from 'Natura Sophia'
Ex-Half Moon Run Member Isaac Symonds Announces Ambient Project with Toronto's Yaehsun
Last year, Isaac Symonds and Montreal indie outfit Half Moon Run announced they'd be parting ways in order for Symonds to "go see what life has in store" for him. It appears he found it, as the multi-instrumentalist has announced plans for a new ambient album with Toronto artist Yaehsun.

The pair will release their debut 10-track album, Natura Sophia, on April 16 via Crystal Math/Universal, and today, they've shared the title track from the LP, alongside a visual accompaniment created by Yonkers Vidal.

"Natura Sophia was one of the first songs that Yaehsun and I wrote together," Symonds said in a release. "We used a piece of gear called the Grendel Drone Commander for the main sound. As it repeats throughout the song, the subtle changes in its filter slowly pull you into a trance. Meanwhile, dreamy soundscapes and creature-like arpeggiators come and go. This music makes me feel like I'm orbiting through space or deep-sea diving through the wonders of the ocean. It's dreamy and soft. I hope that it brings you all some peace and relaxation."

Yaehsun added:

There is something very meditative in the way this whole process happened. The way Isaac and I met — we have never actually met in person — and the basis of all the songs were us recording our parts alone without hearing what the other person was doing. There is something poetic in here. This process really engaged us to trust in each other, trust the flow of nature and listen, quietly, leaving space for others to flourish.

As previously reported, Half Moon Run members will continue on with the project and assure fans there is no "bad blood" with Symonds, and that they have no plans of splitting up.

Listen to "Natura Sophia" below.