Ex-Guns N' Roses Bassist Reportedly Joins Jane's Addiction

Ex-Guns N' Roses Bassist Reportedly Joins Jane's Addiction
Back in '91, we all thought Jane's Addiction and Guns N' Roses were worlds apart, with the former being the epitome of artsy debauchery and the latter rock star, um, debauchery. But it looks like, in the end, debauchery unites us all, as it was recently announced that Duff McKagan will be writing and recording some material with Jane's Addiction.

Apparently, McKagan is replacing - at least for now - Jane's bassist Eric Avery, who rejoined with the band in 2008 after not being with them since they broke up (for the first time) in 1991.

Despite the Internet being all a-buzz over this, no official announcement has been made about McKagan, who also counts amongst his musical exploits Velvet Revolver and Duff McKagan's Loaded, joining Jane's. But Xiola, a Jane's fan site, must feel pretty confident about something here. "Duff McKagan Joins Jane's Addiction," their splash page says as of press time.

Other than that, Jane's Addiction are recording a new album, there's not much more info out there, but until more comes in, we're stoked. After all, we've always wondered what the halfway point between "It's So Easy" and "Three Days" is.

Jane's Addiction's last album was 2003's Strays.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the tip.