Every Time I Die "Revival Mode" (video)

Every Time I Die 'Revival Mode' (video)
Following their 2009 rager New Junk Aesthetic, Buffalo, NY's Every Time I Die are gearing up to release their new full-length Ex Lives on March 6 via Epitaph. To tide you over until then, check out their surreal Robert Schober-directed clip for "Revival Mode," in which the hardcore five-piece encounter an escaped "patient" on an empty highway.

In a statement, frontman Keith Buckley offered the following on the video:

"The clip has a very ambiguously creepy David Lynch vibe to it and might be the first time we've never included a single one of our instruments in lieu of a story line that exists outside of us as members of a band. It's dark and weird and while not completely adhering thematically to the lyrics, it sets a larger, broader mood which marries the song perfectly."

Watch the drama unfold for yourself below.