Eureka the Butcher "Barbeque at Channel One"

Eureka the Butcher 'Barbeque at Channel One'
Marcel Rodríguez-López made a name for himself in the music world as the keyboardist and percussionist in the Mars Volta, but he ditched his birth name in favour of the moniker Eureka the Butcher when he broke out solo back in 2013 for Music for Mothers. Now, that record is getting treated to a limited-edition cassette version, and you can check out "Barbeque at Channel One" off the upcoming release.
The album was originally recorded following the death of Rodríguez-López's mother in 2012 and hears the musician experimenting with electronic rhythms, textures and noise.
"Barbeque at Channel One" is just one demonstration of his eclectic influences, drawing on instrumentation from around the globe, manipulating it and then incorporating it into the swirling, psych-tinged palette of sound.
Hear it all blend together in the player below. Music for Mothers arrives digitally and on cassette March 18 through Dome of Doom/Alpha Pup.