Eternals Out of Proportion

Clocking in just under the 30-minute mark, this is one quick love affair that will leave you out of breath and flat on your ass. Whether wooed by the fluid bass lines, tight rhythm patterns or percussive lyrical delivery, the Eternals produce an intoxicating brand of dub that will leave you begging for more. This is a refreshing direction compared to their self-titled debut, released in 2000, a jazz-funk concoction from ex-Trenchmouth members Damon Locks and Wayne Montana. But while the thought-provoking lyrics — "hallucinations seem easy, paranoia seems lazy” — and weighty bass remain, the recent addition of drummer John Herndon (Tortoise) provides a greater depth and energy. Out of Proportion owes a huge debt of gratitude to ’70s dub pioneer King Tubby, capturing the spirit of the past with a generous portion of original electronic tinkering fit for any sound system. In fact, the Eternals have set a dangerous precedent for Antifaz; it will likely take a miracle to match the intensity of Out of Proportion, the first release from the San Juan, Puerto Rico label. (Antifaz)