Escape Artists EA3

Now down to a very tight trio for third album, Escape Artists have never sounded so good. Paying special attention to the drums, Xczircles has concocted a dark, moody soundscape for the intelligent, layered lyrics of himself, Aamir and Ahmuse. While all three sound great together (and by themselves on their respective solo tracks), Ahmuse stands out most with her sing-song contributions on many of EA3’s hooks and with her fresh flows throughout, whether she’s flipping styles on the OD-produced "E Pur Si Muove,” outshining Thesis by rocking his flow better on "Sticks and Stones,” or her hype flow following a ridiculous Radioinactive on "Americana Dietrologia.” In fact, guest rappers Thesis Sahib, 2Mex and Radioinactive are all unnecessary for the success of this album; the necessary exception being OD, who brings to mind "Farmers Market of the Beast” with "E Pur Si Muove,” likely the album’s best track. The Escape Artists have come into their own. Fantastic! (Beyond Space)