Eric Chenaux "Spring Has Been a Long Time Coming" + "The Henri Favourite" (video)

Eric Chenaux 'Spring Has Been a Long Time Coming' + 'The Henri Favourite' (video)
Eric Chenaux is in the middle of rolling out a series of videos with filmmaker Eric Cazdyn to help support the experimental guitarist's recent, Exclaim!-approved Skullsplitter. Fittingly, the split-screen approach of the series has been affixed to the informal, at-home scene found in its latest entry for the album's "Spring Has Been a Long Time Coming" and "The Henri Favourite."

As you'll see down below, four separate views help tell the tale. Visually, an elderly couple get through their day with coffee and a discussion about the man's time spent fighting in Algeria. Little touches such as the woman trying to find her partner's reading glasses, or the man spreading out a map to pinpoint each place he hit, make for a quick but intimate portrait of the pair.

A momentary fade to black between songs leads to a more erratic sampling of shots of the hangout, with all of the video being scored by the wildly bending guitar lines.

You'll find the Chenaux and Cazdyn's fourth video in their ongoing series down below.

Skullsplitter is out now via Constellation.

Eric Chenaux "Spring Has Been A Long Time Coming" + "The Henri Favorite" from Constellation Records on Vimeo.