Eric Burdon My Secret Life

Though a full-on senior citizen these days, former Animals front-man Eric Burdon proves he still has the soulful, blues rock belter goods on this full-length studio effort — his first such release in a long, long time. The disc’s stylistic mélange is indicative of the varied nature of Burdon’s career, from UK blues rock pioneer and R&B singer, to funky, Haight/Asbury hippy honcho, pop maestro and jazz dabbler. Though dated by a few too many car references, My Secret Life is a classy, graceful affair that positions Burdon somewhere between the throaty soul routine of Tom Jones and the sophisto-wizened style of Leonard Cohen, while only occasionally trading in outright nostalgia. Backed by a top-notch roster of players, Burdon’s voice remains strong and about as coffee grounds gruff as ever. It’s good to hear him repatriate a handful of old organ grooves from the garage kids, too, the catchy likes of which Alan Price laid down in the Animals’ early days. (SPV)