Epitaph Confirms Deluxe Reissue of Refused's The Shape of Punk to Come As Reunion Rumours Run Wild on the Internet

Epitaph Confirms Deluxe Reissue of Refused's <i>The Shape of Punk to Come</i> As Reunion Rumours Run Wild on the Internet
Amazing how something like a new Refused website can get legions of dudes insanely jazzed up. But when there's even a potential of one of hardcore's most innovative bands getting back together, and either continuing their legacy of progressive awesomeness or just ruining a great thing, we're all waiting with at least a bit of excitement - or trepidation.

Anyway, it looks as if the single-page website's cryptic "coming soon" message is simply in reference to an upcoming Epitaph Records reissue of the band's landmark last album, 1998's The Shape of Punk to Come. In an email to Exclaim!, Epitaph confirmed this, telling us that the album will get a deluxe makeover on June 8.

However, the Internet rumour mill is going apeshit over the potential for a Refused reunion, and unconfirmed talks of the band performing at some European fests this year has materialized over at Punknews. Then Faster Louder struck back with the headline "Refused not Reforming," although didn't have anything to disprove Punknews' claims. Surely there will be no shortage of entertaining theories and guesses until an official announcement is made.

Refused broke up in 1998, the same year they released Shape. The most recent post-Refused project - there had been the (International) Noise Conspiracy, the Lost Patrol, and TEXT - is AC4, which features Refused front-man Dennis Lyxzén and drummer David Sandström.

UPDATE: Yep, no reunion, folks. In a recent email to Buddyhead, Lyxzén wrote: "No, we are not reforming. Me and David are going on tour next week with our new Hardcore band Ac4 - sleeping on kids floors and playing doordeals, that seems to be more in line with what we deserve... haha."