Ensemble SuperMusique Y'a du Bruit Dans ma Cabane

This is the second effort from Ensemble SuperMusique, an all-star collective of Quebecois improvisers, but it's the first to feature this sextet improvising on preconceived ideas. Each of the four pieces evolved from an idea developed by one of the participants. "8 Moments Brefs" is an improvisatory game courtesy of saxophonist Joane Hétu, where the players switch material every minute. The eponymous piece, from percussionist Danielle Roger, finds the musicians meditating on the rooms of a house. This is the longest of the pieces, allowing for musical legs to be stretched and for fruitful ideas to gain momentum. "Une Année Dans la Vie de..." lets Diane Labrosse explore the passage of time, while Jean Derome's "Canot-camping, Courte Expédition" is a brief piece involving body signals. A hint of humour pervades the proceedings, demonstrating why this skilled crew of improvisers deserve the name Ensemble SuperMusique. (Ambiances Magnétiques)