Ennio Morricone Used Portions of 'The Thing' for Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight'

Ennio Morricone Used Portions of 'The Thing' for Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight'
Forthcoming western The Hateful Eight features exclusive music from master composer Ennio Morricone, but film director Quentin Tarantino has explained that not all of it is as new as we had initially thought. Apparently, much of the score was stockpiled during the making of John Carpenter's early '80s masterpiece, The Thing.

A Q&A session held after a screening of the movie last week at L.A.'s DGA Theater had Tarantino explaining that he wanted an original score for The Hateful Eight, which led him to get in touch with Morricone. After early discussions, though, it seemed like the maestro wouldn't have time to complete a score for the film, owing to his busy schedule.

"We started talking and he thought I hadn't started to shoot yet," Tarantino told the crowd and host Christopher Nolan. "Little did he know I had shot, and I would need the score in a month. And he's like, 'This is not going to work. I'm working with Giuseppe Tornatore, and he just finished shooting the other day, and I've got to do his score, this is not going to work. I was told a lot of things that weren't correct, and I'm really sorry.'"

From there, Tarantino asked for some feedback on the film, with Morricone reportedly noting, "'I see a theme that's moving forward, there's a forward momentum to it that suggests a stagecoach, but the important part of the theme is the fact that it truly suggests the violence that follow eventually.'"

Tarantino began to ask about using music from The Thing, which Morricone suggested could be possible, considering the bulk of the material he wrote for the horror film was not used in the movie. Parts of the score have, however, been collected on soundtrack releases.

Paraphrasing the situation, Tarantino said that Morricone had explained: "I wrote a whole orchestra score [for The Thing], and I wrote a whole synthesizer score, because I knew that was what [John Carpenter] was used to, and I gave him everything, and the only thing he used in the entire movie was the synthesizer main title [track].' So basically, if you stay away from the synthesizer main title, all that music that's on the soundtrack album has never been used in a movie ever."

The solution, apparently, was for Tarantino to use parts of The Thing, while Morricone would compose an original theme. But, as the project went on, Morricone began writing even more new music, making for a mix of old and new used throughout the film.

Tarantino added: "And then all of a sudden 10 minutes of music became 17 minutes of music, became 35 minutes of music. And so with that, and the unused Thing portions that I used, [I've got] my original score."

You'll find Tarantino and Nolan's discussion about The Hateful Eight in full down below, courtesy of The Playlist. It should be noted that plot spoilers are given between the 14- and 17-minute mark.

As previously reported, The Hateful Eight hits theatres December 25, while a soundtrack release arrives December 18. Decca Records handles the CD and digital copies, while Third Man Records issues the collection on vinyl.