Endstille Endstilles Reich

Although the layout and track titles have strong Nazi undertones, this supposedly "non-political” German black metal group play no-frills, up-tempo black metal in the vein of Marduk or Dark Funeral, with no folk-y or nationalist influences. Those who feel the need to add another passable black metal record to their collection could do a lot worse. Endstille stick to their chosen style rigidly and the focus pays off with a few standout riffs, as opposed to a mindless mishmash of styles or "experimental” nuances. Tracks such as "I Am God” and "No Heaven Over Germany” (see what I mean?) blast fairly relentlessly, occasionally slowing down a tad for breathing room but for the most part, lay down a relentless barrage. The recording is muddy but effective, with a stormy, war-torn atmosphere reinforced by the aforementioned artwork and lyrical content. Middle-tier but fully competent, Endstille are worth a look for genre fans. (Regain)