Eminem Moves Relapse’s Release Date

Eminem Moves <i>Relapse</i>’s Release Date
Following the likes of his buddy 50 Cent and many others, Eminem has announced that his upcoming album will no longer be released at the end of 2008, instead setting a date for early next year. The album, titled Relapse, will be the first Eminem record of all new material since 2004’s Encore.

In a phone interview with TRL, Slim Shady said that he just needs to decide on a final tracklisting with producer Dr. Dre and then the album is ready to be pressed. "We're looking at first quarter next year, which is probably, you know, January, February,” he said. "Now we've just got to go through everything, pick the best ones and, you know, put it out.” Eminem has previously been overheard saying that he has over 100 tracks to choose from.

When Carson Daly asked if the album would be more like his earlier serious material or the goofy, comedic raps that rose him to fame, Eminem simply replied, "Nah, you can’t know any of that.” In other words, there are very few details about this release other than the fact that it exists.

Eminem talking to Carson Daly on TRL