Eminem "Rap God" (video)

Eminem 'Rap God' (video)
Max Headroom may not be the holiest of pop culture references, but Eminem conjures the waxy, '80s A.I. figure all the same while pleading his case in the new video for The Marshall Mathers LP 2's "Rap God."

Early on, we get Em ticking nervously from a TV screen as Headroom, noting how he raps like a computer named RapBot. There's a slight sci-fi element to the rest of the vid, which has the MC strapped into a chair, absorbing newsreel footage and studying the likes of Rakim and Busta Rhymes, but we also see the Detroit-bred deity more in his element, dropping speedy bars at a warehouse party.

Does Em make the transition from mere mortal into walking-on-water level godliness? You'll have to find out by giving the video a look down below.