Emile Haynie "A Kiss Goodbye" (ft. Dev Hynes, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sampha)

Emile Haynie 'A Kiss Goodbye' (ft. Dev Hynes, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sampha)
Emile Haynie is a New York-based record producer with an impressive resume that includes Kanye West's "Runaway," most of Lana Del Rey's mope-pop hits and songs for Bruno Mars and Linkin Park, among others. Today, he's let loose a serious beast of a collaborative track.

In under four minutes, "A Kiss Goodbye" takes us on a serious sonic journey. It opens with melancholy piano before building up to a climax so cinematic that it borders on the absurd.

Charlotte Gainsbourg offers multilayered vocals as the track builds and builds, then things take a turn in the opposite direction as Sampha delivers some heart-wrenchingly frail vocals atop some plinky pianos. For added star power, Dev Hynes (a.k.a. Blood Orange) adds some guitar work as well.

Listen to "A Kiss Goodbye" below. It's unclear where this will appear, but the song will likely inspire some obsessive listening.