Emeralds' John Elliott Emerges with New Outer Space 12-inch

Emeralds' John Elliott Emerges with New Outer Space 12-inch
Since beloved synth trio Emeralds broke up, the members have all had more time for other projects, and John Elliott is getting in on the fun by releasing a new 12-inch as Outer Space. Phantom Center will be out on May 12 through Editions Mego.

An announcement notes that this is Outer Space's first new work since the breakup of Emeralds last year. The project is now a duo that includes Andrew Veres, who was listed as a collaborator on Outer Space's past works.

Phantom Center is made up of two tracks: the 11-minute "Arrival and Assessment" and the near-13-minute "Crixa." The first is said to contain "multi levels of bass lines weaving around complex rhythms and those vast atmospheres we come to expect from this project," while the latter is "the perfect soundtrack to staring into an endless void with bottomless sub-bass and Raicevic-informed synthesizer disarray."

The songs were made in Cleveland, OH, and Cashiers, NC, in 2013 and 2014. Below, hear a five-minute extract from "Arrival and Assessment."

The record is available to pre-order here.

Phantom Center:

1. Arrival and Assessment
2. Crixa