Embrace the End Counting Hallways to the Left

All the ingredients for a rehashing of the same old by-the-numbers metalcore bollocks are here — it’s amazing how much Embrace the End do with such elementary components. Featuring ex and current members of First Blood and recent Deathwish signing Killing the Dream, the group absolutely bulldoze their way through the rest of the Abacus roster, and the majority of their increasingly massive competition to boot. Their unabated, tough-as-nails intensity is what propels the disc. Embrace the End are faster, more melodic, catchier...in fact, generally better than almost every single group trying their hand at this style. Additionally, they display an incredible knack for breakdowns that are borderline apocalyptic in their placement and delivery — always a valuable asset. The only aspect not to par is the vocals; while not particularly offensive, they do little to support the musicianship, and if anything, weaken the overall assault. This should not ward away potential listeners, however. This is the strongest debut release this year thus far, and should be purchased and played into the ground as such. A veritable explosion of metalcore fury. (Abacus)