The Elwins "Off the Wall" on Exclaim! TV

The Elwins 'Off the Wall' on Exclaim! TV
After relentlessly touring in support of their 2012 debut And I Thank You, Keswick, Ontario outfit the Elwins will have to get accustomed to life on the road again this spring. With their sophomore record arriving later this month, the band have already set out on a lengthy tour in support of it that will find them covering ground in Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and China.

Before they took off westward, we invited the quartet to the Exclaim! office in Toronto where they were kind enough to treat us to a performance of "Off The Wall," a new cut from their forthcoming full-length Play for Keeps.

After a quick count-in, the band lock into the easy-going tempo of the melodic indie rock tune, which is led by the vocals of Matthew Sweeney and the electric guitar accents of multi-instrumentalist Feurd. An energetic chorus complete with gang vocals soon gives way to an arpeggio break, followed by a flurry of mellotron flutes, an acoustic bridge section and another round of the driving refrain to close things out.

Watch the band's performance in the player below.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Branan Ranjanathan
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Katherine Kwan

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