Eluvium's Matthew Cooper to Release Film Score

Eluvium's Matthew Cooper to Release Film Score
Way back in 2008, we reported that Sleater-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein would be starring in the film Some Days Are Better Than Others alongside the Shins' James Mercer. The film premiered last year, and came with a wonderfully ambient score courtesy of Eluvium main man Matthew Cooper. Now, Temporary Residence has revealed plans to release the score as an album.

 A press release explains, "When viewing the film, Cooper observed themes being presented regarding our throw-away society, and realized that both he and Some Days director Matt McCormick shared a common interest in this world of things left behind and the emotional baggage that is connected to it -- whether broken or simply tossed aside for something new; something once considered the future, turning into antiquated rubble. Cooper decided that using a collection of damaged instruments would be a fitting way to underscore this aspect of the film."

Temporary Residence will release the score on CD and limited vinyl on April 26. The album's title track can be downloaded here.

Meanwhile, Pitchfork reports that Some Days Are Better Than Others will receive a wider release through Palisades Tartan at some point this spring, though details are forthcoming.

Some Days Are Better Than Others OST:

1. "Curious Moments"

2. "Drifting"

3. "Pursuance"

4. "Into Dust"

5. "Expectation"

6. "What You Leave Behind"

7. "Reprieve"

8. "Worry and Care"

9. "Time and Abandonment"

10. "It's Never What It Seems"

11. "Camille and the Ocean"

12. "Some Days Are Better Than Others"

13. "Katrina Outtake"