Elsa "In Waves"

Elsa 'In Waves'
Toronto dream pop outfit Elsa announced their sophomore EP Never Come Down last summer, but have taken months to finally get it completed. The mini-release will arrive later this month, but first they've shared a different song.

"In Waves" was an outtake from their first EP, and it fits in with that release's crystal-clear, breezy dream pop. The track glides along with clean guitars, sturdy drums and driving bass. While one might predict an explosive crescendo, the song instead stays in a pleasant middle zone. The static nature of the song is almost a surprise in and of itself.

Listen to "In Waves" below. The song will be available on a free 7-inch single limited to 250 copies. To obtain the record, you simply have to attend the multi-faceted Long Winter event, taking place tonight (March 13) at Toronto's Great Hall.