Elisa Randazzo Bruises and Butterflies

Bruises and Butterflies is the moonlighting result of L.A. clothing designer Elisa Randazzo and her many musical side-projects (her ties to Mayo Thompson from the Red Krayola, for example, had her contributing to four of their records for Drag City). She credits the emotional aftermath of a failed marriage as her inspiration. But the Californian's solo debut has an apt title for metaphorical reasons she couldn't have intended: there are moments of bruises ― awkward pacing and bland cuts ― and then there are gratifying moments that make your heart all aflutter. She crafts her winning tunes the same way she would design a woman's camisole: textured, yet airy, like linen, boasting vintage elegance. Her collaboration with '70s British folk legend Bridget St John and the influence of Randazzo's parents (hit songwriters of '60s pop and psych folk) may help explain the nostalgic charm of the record's sound. Along with "Wintersong" and "Circles," tracks such as "Colors," which harkens back to Neil Young, and "He Faded," recalling Peter, Paul and Mary, give rise to more than enough butterflies to compensate for the low points. (Drag City)