Electricity for Everybody! "Elegant Dagger" (video)

Electricity for Everybody! 'Elegant Dagger' (video)
Edmonton indie rockers Electricity for Everybody! have returned with their second single "Elegant Dagger," and Exclaim! is giving you the first look at the brand new video for it.
We last heard from the band when they recently dropped "Tourmalet" — and should be hearing more from them, as their upcoming LP Local Technique is due out this year.
The band's latest offering comes in video form, with the clip for "Elegant Dagger." According to a press release, the song is about a "fevered, claustrophobic dream the four of diamonds once had about the rest of the deck." The dream-like feeling is captured onscreen in double-vision, through a series of swirling, swerving performance shots of the group.
It was directed by Kyle Armstrong, and you can give it a whirl in the player below.

The Elegant Dagger from Electricity for Everybody! on Vimeo.