El-P "Stay Down" (ft. Nick Diamonds) (video)

El-P 'Stay Down' (ft. Nick Diamonds) (video)
Despite El-P's recent Cancer for Cure LP getting the Exclaim! stamp of approval, the rapper doesn't seem to get much love in the new video for album track "Stay Down." While the dude kills it on the mic in a concert scenario, a crowd of prom princesses and cougars merely jeer his lyrical dexterity.

The mob gets wild, however, every time the melodic, Nick Diamonds-delivered hook comes around (though Diamonds is played here by a wig-wearing Jaleel Bunton, of TV on the Radio fame). The sweetly sung melody throws the throng into a frenzy, eventually tearing apart the heartthrob. The video also explains how the hard-partying, drug-taking squirrel from El-P's "The Full Retard" vid managed to lose an eye.

You can see the mania down below.