Ehnahre The Man Closing Up

Providing a slightly different take on the disconnected, unsettling brand of doom Khanate and related acts are known for, Ehnahre’s debut LP may be a little too much to handle for some but clearly succeeds in establishing an oppressive and nihilistic atmosphere. Where this group excels is in their sense of variation, circumventing the trite over-extremity of similar outfits in favour of a potent loud/soft dynamics reminiscent of early screamo acts such as Orchid and Indian Summer. A healthy dollop of chunky, raw death metal beefs up the sound further, and an authentically under-produced tone facilitates the organic, dangerously unpredictable compositions nicely. Ex-members of Kayo Dot and Biolich form the core of the group, so one should expect chaotic, dense tracks from the get-go, but the uncompromising bleakness and post-industrial clamour of Ehnahre are all their own. The overall impression is one of confusion and paranoia, with any "progressive” vibe strangled mercilessly by the noisier sections and silently undermined by the lengthy ambient breaks, leaving the listener broken and battered rather than browbeaten by technicality. This is not for everyone by any means, but those who don’t mind their metal a little more psychosis inducing than most will find this to be right up their carcass-strewn, shadowy alley. (Sound Devastation)