Eels Invite George W. Bush to Washington DC Gig

Eels Invite George W. Bush to Washington DC Gig
Following the previously reported semi-successful bid to get Queen Elizabeth II to attend their recent gig at Royal Festival Hall in London, Eels have now extended an invitation to George W. Bush and Laura Bush when the band play Washington DC on March 29.

The Washington show is being held at a synagogue, but offering a compromise for the devoutly Christian President, E continues: The President and Eels have a long-standing history, oddly enough. Back in 2000, Bush singled out Eels' "It's A Motherfucker" from the band's album, Daisies of the Galaxy, slamming the song as "obscene" when he discovered it was being used at Democratic rallies.

Eels front-man Mark "E" Everett, however, is looking to bury the hatchet by sending a personal letter to the Prez and his First Lady. The letter reads:

"You may recall using our album 'Daisies of the Galaxy' as an example during your campaign for the presidency in 2000. The album was supposed to be a bad example for the kids of America.

"Mr. President, I know that you're a Christian, and Christ taught forgiveness. So in the spirit of forgiveness and fence-mending, I'd like to let bygones be bygones...

"If you're more comfortable at a different house of worship, we're also doing concerts at church in Philadelphia and New Haven the nights before and after the D.C. show. In the name of tolerance, we are trying to represent many faiths on this tour.”

No word has been given as to whether the Bushes will actually attend, but you can expect impersonators are lined up to fill the inevitable absence.