Eels Announce 'Wonderful, Glorious' Album

Eels Announce 'Wonderful, Glorious' Album
Eels most recently released a trilogy of breakup albums from 2009 to 2010 (Hombre Lobo, End Times and Tomorrow Morning), and now band leader Mark Everett (aka E) has announced the project's latest full-length, Wonderful, Glorious. It will drop on February 5.

Despite the optimistic-sounding title, this album looks to offer more of the skewed, dark sense of humour we've come to expect from E. The cover art shows an airplane dropping bombs (see above), while song titles range from the pleasant ("You're My Friend," "Peach Blossom") to the potentially morbid ("Bombs Away," "I Am Building a Shine").

Check out the tracklist below, and stay tuned to the band's official website for more announcements, as they have promised that more information will be announced soon.

Eels have been quiet for much of 2012 following extensive touring in 2011.

Wonderful, Glorious:

1. Bombs Away
2. Kinda Fuzzy
3. Accident Prone
4. Peach Blossom
5. On The Ropes
6. The Turnaround
7. New Alphabet
8. Stick Together
9. True Original
10. Open My Present
11. You're My Friend
12. I Am Building a Shrine
13. Wonderful, Glorious