Night People

BY Eric HillPublished Aug 8, 2011

It has been a period of flux for our friends in the Early Day Miners: new shortened name and a return to the label they first called home. It's no wonder then that their songcraft also exhibits an "unpacked, but not quite sorted yet" feel on this seventh full-length. Carrying forward the core line-up from 2009's The Treatment, plus assists from returning alumni like backing vocalist Kate Long, the bass-driven new, new (new) wave feel that defined the last release lingers here. In certain spots, like "Video/Stereo" and "Terrestrial Rooms," Daniel Burton even conjures the spectre of Ativin, his previous post-rock band, to firm up the contours. The prevailing wind that blows across Night People is out of the '80s/'90s retro highlands, and depending on slight shifts in direction, it carries either a whiff of past passions or the stink of scraped well bottoms.
(Western Vinyl)

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