Eddie Paul 'Panda-Monium' (album stream)

Eddie Paul 'Panda-Monium' (album stream)
Montreal-based music man Eddie Paul is gearing up to deliver his debut album Panda-Monium next week, but before the official release, Exclaim! is giving you an early opportunity to hear the record in its entirety.
The record runs the gamut from "sleazy acid rock" to "foot-stomping country hoedown," showcasing the wide scope of his songwriting prowess. It opens with the sparse bluesy intro of "Life Is Sweet," which builds and bursts into an explosive blues-infused jam, setting the stage for similarly rockin' songs like "The Warning Song" and "The Calling."

Elsewhere, he takes on the fun, upbeat characteristics of folksy bluegrass with cuts like "Dig a Hole" and "Cold Old Coffee." Tracks like "Cocaine" and "Shut the Fuck Up and Dance" inject some extra blasts of energy into the set of songs before it's neatly wrapped up with the earnest, tender acoustic ballad "Glory Case."
A wide-ranging collection of style and sound, Panda-Monium arrives on November 13. Give it an early listen in the player below.
Tour dates:
11/21 Montreal, QC – M for Montreal
11/28 Sudbury, ON – Speak Easy
12/12 Montreal, QC – The Turbo Haus