The Eastern Stars July 5th, 1961

Well, what would you do if you were armed with a large passion for ’60s pop folklore, a need to go on sabbatical from your main stage, indie, psychedelic pop act (Mixel Pixel) and enough diversity and unique talent to possibly stand out in the opus of New York’s struggling artist scene? Well, you write one of the most enchanting and delicately sewn, entirely brilliant pieces of experimental rock to drop the jaws of Stars or Isabel Campbell fans, and leave the rest of the nation wishing on rainbows and praying to dandelions, of course. For Rob Corradetti and Kaia Wong, that option seemed easily attainable due to their experienced, sonically perfect vocal blending. Rob’s dark timbre leads into hollow, soothing tunes, while Kaia’s whispering, breathy additions add mysteriously beautiful and refreshing embellishments. In the midst of the 9/11 tragedy, and living right in the shadows of the Empire State Building, Corradetti and Wong composed a breathtaking girl/boy tribute to bands like the Vaselines, and an album of inspirationally depressing ballads that are just as intriguing as they are essential for every fan of divergent art. (No Type)