EarthBloodSun ikiru

EarthBloodSun is guitarists Andy Hawthorne and Mark Pearsall, both Chicago-area artists who combine quick picking with jazz leanings to provide a nicely textured, serene sound. Unlike Pearsall’s unlistenable Avenue Vendome project, this album works in a totally different context, with acoustic guitars and a fair bit of space. With EBS, there is room to breathe in the passing breeze. Keeping an improvisational feel throughout, EBS claims to draw most of its inspiration from Mahavisnu John McLaughlin’s Love, Devotion, Surrender, but some of fellow Chicagoan Jim O’Rourke’s tricks bleed out of their music as well. This fine debut paves the way for the upcoming Andy Hawthorne solo album, and a future two CD EarthBloodSun improv album. (Meditation Series)