​Earth Witch "Starfighter"

​Earth Witch 'Starfighter'
Earth Witch are best described as a "Riff Riders" — just like the title of the lead single from their upcoming debut LP, Out of the Shallow. And they ride the riffs straight to the smoke-filled land on "Starfighter," which you can listen to right now, a whole week before the album lands in full.

While Sleep's aforementioned epic journey may have focused on a slower variety of stoned-out doom, this Illinois trio are a little more nimble, incorporating infectious blues runs into their sound.

Fans of Red Fang would also be wise to check out this song, as it similarly lands in the sweet spot between a night of drunken debauchery and a chilled-out evening in with the "420."

You can hear those references amalgamate into a sound that is Earth Witch's own by giving the premiere of "Starfighter" a listen below. Out of the Shallow is officially out on March 10.