Dynomite-D By The Way

For the most part, instrumental albums tend to get a little bit boring. Usually the songs are way too long and there are never enough changes in the beat. This problem holds back Dynomite-D's By The Way debut. It isn't until "Cold Rock," four songs in, that By The Way actually starts to kick in. The mid-Eastern flavoured "Cold Rock" isn't even that great, but it begins the journey into faster tempos that is completed on the next track, "Bombin' Subways," one of the two best tracks on the album. "Bombin' Subways" begins with an already greatly overused vocal sample, but all can be forgiven when the drum & bass vibes kick in about 30 seconds into this fine hybrid song. Sadly, "Breakfast" brings the tempo way down only moments after that high adrenaline rush. Although "Stick 'Em" and "No Empty-V" also border on a more up-tempo beat, the only other really worthwhile track is "No Excuses," which features Kid Koala on the cuts. The bass-heavy beat is fantastic while Koala puts his scratchcratchratchatch skills to good use. If Dynomite-D could somehow maintain the energy and flow of "Bombin' Subways" and "No Excuses" he would have a phenomenal instrumental album. Unfortunately, By The Way falls short of the mark. (Team Slabco)