Dwayne Sodahberk Don't Want To Know You

Abrasive, jarring, abrupt and sometimes vicious, but more often than not Don’t Want To Know You rocks. Sodahberk delivers rabid breaks, sharply acute techno constructs and volatile toxic waste distortions that sound like damaged robots lumbering about a wrecked warehouse. One of the cool details on this album are the varied beats Sodahberk chooses to work with including hip-hop style, ’70s electro and straight-up pile-driving beats. Another great detail is how, in even the noisier distorted pieces Sohdahberk develops rhythmic grooves from unlikely sounds. An example would be a track called "Jan,” which initially sounds like pure feedback noise, but closer listens reveal melodic overtone. For those who like their techno with more of a post-apocalyptic feel, noise debris and burning sulphur, this is it. (Tigerbeat6)