The D'Urbervilles Calling It Quits?

The D'Urbervilles Calling It Quits?
Before winning an audience with his electro-pop project Diamond Rings, John O'Regan fronted Ontario rock crew the D'Urbervilles. Now, it looks as if the band may be calling it a day.

A message posted on the band's Twitter account this afternoon (March 21) revealed, "R.I.P."

If you head over to the group's official website, it reads, "THE D'URBS ARE DEAD." There's also a clock that appears to be counting down to next Monday morning (March 28).

There's no other information currently available, but you can sign up for the D'Urbervilles mailing list on the same page as that mysterious clock. Judging by the countdown, you will likely receive a message next week.

If the band are indeed breaking up, it may be due to O'Regan's busy touring schedule with Diamond Rings. But he previously told Exclaim! that the solo project wouldn't conflict with his D'Urbervilles duties, saying, "It has made our work as a band better."

And if the D'Urbervilles are no more, then why the clock? Guess we'll simply have to wait until it reaches zero.

UPDATE: According to the rumour mill, the band aren't in fact breaking up, but changing their name. However, we won't know for sure what's going on until that clock runs down to zero. Oh, the mystery!