Durban Poison

Lost in Space

BY Luca MorellatoPublished Apr 21, 2011

Durban Poison are an exciting mess of rock'n'roll, led by the electrifying and enigmatic Matti Corvette and packed to the brim with attitude. Their second LP, Lost in Space, blends the swagger of '70s rock with the urgency of '60s garage to create an album that's both insanely fun and addictive. "Maui" rips off the best straight from the Ramones and does it well. The entire album feels largely influenced by the CBGB rock of the mid-'70s. High-octane rock'n'roll is what Durban Poison do best and in that regard there's not a single dud on this LP. Corvette is as humorous and compelling as any band leader should be, with "Bus Surfin' Babe" and "Merry Christmas" showing off the band's humour, which keeps Lost in Space afloat. The album, while filled with track after track of high-energy rock'n'roll, would become stale if it weren't for the personable appeal of Corvette and the rest of the band.

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