Duplex! Worser

Four years after their refreshingly unique debut, Ablum, Vancouver, BC-based, Veda Hille-fronted children's band Duplex! are back with another album full of eccentric tunes for kids and their keepers. Worser is an eclectic collection that includes several danceable, toddler-friendly rock tunes. Highlights include the funky electronic beats of "Salvador," the Talking Heads-esque vocals of "That's How We Make A Sandwich" and sunny pop tunes "Orange Popsicle" and "Sounds Like Work." The album's lyrics are by turns educational and wonderfully ridiculous, providing insight into topics ranging from same-sex divorce ("Daddy & I") to the periodic table of elements ("7 Noble Gasses"). And while the hilariously cacophonous "Stupid Things That I Have Done" and the dirge-like chanting of "Dog With A Sweater On" aren't exactly soothing to parental nerves, the memorable rhythms are gradually, insidiously mesmerizing to four-year olds and 40-year olds alike. Welcome back, Duplex! It's been way too long. (Mint)