Dub Trinity and Chet Singh Dub Trinity and Chet Singh

Drum & bass duo Dub Trinity have their priorities straight — this ultra-socially conscious musical collective has set out to tear a strip off the shit-stem but they make sure they do it in a rockin’ sweet dub style. This Peterborough-band have taken their love of reggae and African music, and their passion for a good political cause, and have done a Dennis Bovell — meaning they’ve hitched up with their very own Linton Kwesi Johnson in the form of Centennial College professor and dub poet Chet Singh. Gregory Roy (drums/percussion) and Beau Dixon (bass/keys) have a knack for seeking out dub poets to perform with (other collaborators include Faith Nolan and Lillian Allen) and they make a point of keeping the subject matter heavily political. In Chet Singh they have found an excellent collaborator, both fiercely opinionated and musically adept enough to flow freely overtop the band’s grooves (not exactly what you might expect from a college professor). The stiffness present in many dub poetry performances is happily lacking here as both poet and band work off each other. Singh takes on Middle Eastern bloodshed in "Angels of Mercy,” jumps into the skin of a Peterborough racist in the Bad Brains inspired "System Fraud,” and reminds Bush, Blair, Hussein and bin Laden that, "Everything we do is going to come back to we,” in album climax "Dread Ina Babylon.” (Independent)