Dub Side of the Moon

The title tells you exactly what you’re in for, if you were not already acquainted with the remarkably successful reggae interpretation of the Pink Floyd classic. David Gilmour endorses this product, or service, with "Dub Side of the Moon is Fun!” splayed on the front of the DVD case — surely these are his most profound lyrics in some time. This is a straight-up performance of the album in its entirety, complete with a circular projection screen dominating the stage, à la Floyd. The performance is just okay, however; musically, you’re better off with the more disciplined mix on the album. The music sounds exactly the same but is missing some of the charisma generated by Frankie Paul, Ranking Joe, et al. There are a few animated sequences with a Rastanaut in orbit around the moon, which are mildly funny. Extras include bios of band members (often very interesting), additional footage and Easy Star records bio information. (Easy Star, www.easystar.com)