DSP In The Red

Dynamic Syncopation has finally returned with the follow-up to their beautiful debut, Dynamism. This time around, Jonny Cuba and the Loop Professor have opted not to bless us with the hypnotic instrumentals that made Dynamism such a gem. Instead, the pair has roped in numerous MCs to lace their beats with lyrical fury, some with great results and others leaving you wishing for an instrumental intermission. Mass Influence returns for vocal duties and tends to shine the brightest of all the MCs, with the familiar combination of his ability flowing alongside Dynamic's thumping breaks. Underground cats also drop their skills, such as Eve.on, who grabs the mic and blesses it with her slinky rhymes, and Dell Wells, who takes on closing track duties and drops deep knowledge over a slow jazz arrangement. But all is not well, as Chill Rob G (the original MC on Snap's "The Power") stands out like a sore thumb, spitting his words in his patented awkward and un-smooth fashion, which tends to break the silky flow that In The Red follows well. Dynamic Syncopation has followed up their debut in good fashion, but it's not nearly as grand and multi-angled as Dynamism. Seeing as they've used the name DSP this time around, maybe there's more instrumental magic being saved for a later date. One can only hope, because the tiny interludes on In The Red play like teasers, lasting mere seconds and leave you wanting more of that Dynamic orchestration. (Ninja Tune)