Drumheller "Sketch #14" (Exclaim Exclusive)

Drumheller 'Sketch #14' (Exclaim Exclusive)
EXCLUSIVE TRACK OF THE DAY: If ever there were a jazz supergroup in Toronto - okay, okay, I know you're thinking about the Canadian Brass - Drumheller might be it.

Guitarist Eric Chenaux will be most familiar to Exclaim! readers via his work with Phleg Camp, King Cobb Steelie and Michelle McAdorey, not to mention his fine solo album for Constellation a few years ago. Brodie West has been a mainstay of horn section the Ex and their ongoing, volcanic collaboration with Ethiopian sax star Getatchew Mekuria. Trombonist Doug Tielli has made memorable contributions to Rock Plaza Central's recordings, and starred with freak folk ensemble the Silt, while bassist Rob Clutton is one of the city's most ubiquitous players, in both straight and adventurous jazz settings. Drummer Nick Fraser is similarly hardworking, and was a big part of the internationally renowned collaboration between kora player Mansa Sissoko and banjoist Jayme Stone.

Drumheller's third album, Glint, on Chenaux's acclaimed Rat Drifting label, could well be their best. They've played together for years, and the communication between the players is better than ever, and the playing even more assured and adventurous. The band have created a repertoire that is unmistakably jazz in its conception, but musically encyclopedic in its execution.

Drumheller have proven they can do utter restraint and groovy abandon with equal vigor; "Sketch #14" falls into the latter category, especially with Chenaux's guitar effects, which are decidedly uncommon in jazz, even in this experimental era.

They'll release Glint on February 6 at Toronto's beloved Tranzac club, then hit the road from Feb 19 to 28 for gigs in Regina, Vancouver, Brandon, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary.

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